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Full-time web developer. Part-time smart ass.

I'm Brent Collier.

After a year and a half as an engineer on Twitter's Trust & Safety team, I'm looking for my next gig. Contact me if you know of something interesting.


Social Matchbox DC

Posted on 01/31/2008

Brendan and I at Social Matchbox DC
Brendan, Theo, and I at Social Matchbox DC the other night.  More Pics.

Initially we thought this was going to be a venue for local start-ups to talk about themselves and what they were up to.  Unfortunately it turned out to be more like a job fair.  One after another, company representatives briefly spoke about what their company was about and then proceded to rattle off a lits of positions that they were looking to hire for.

During the social segment of the evening, everybody I talked to that I didn't already know sounded more like a recruiter than a like-minded web entrepreneur.  Despite opting for the "Socializer" name tag rather than the "Job Seeker" alternative, I begrudgingly accepted a handful of business cards from various people in need of web developer/software engineers.

Aside from the job fair atmosphere, it was good to hear about local IT-related businesses that were doing something besides government contracting.  Also I was pleased to hear that a good portion of them were developing on a Rails stack.  Oh, and there was free pizza.  Thanks Intridea...