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Full-time web developer. Part-time smart ass.

I'm Brent Collier.

After a year and a half as an engineer on Twitter's Trust & Safety team, I'm looking for my next gig. Contact me if you know of something interesting.


Now in mobile format...

Posted on 08/15/2009


Out of sheer boredom last night, I decided to whip up a mobile view for my blog.

It was extremely easy thanks to the mobile-fu plugin by my friend Brendan.  I also found a few tips and tricks from this post on the Engage Interactive blog such as how to handle orientation changes and how to specify an image for home screen bookmarks.

I did most of my testing via the iPhone Simulator from the SDK and also a Fluid browser which allows you to specify mobile safari as the user agent, giving you the proper look, and you can use Safari's built-in Firebug-like tools.

If you've got an iPhone, give it a look...