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I Can Has Productivity

Posted on 02/20/2008


I attended a talk by Rob Sanheim, a priciple at ThinkRelevance, on productivity entitled "I Can Has Productivity".

He talked about ways to increase your productivity like automation of repetitive tasks, meta-programming (something I need to spend some time on), pair-programming, and yak-shaving -- Nathaniel, the guy that runs these meetups, gave an explanation on what yak-shaving was, but I still didn't quite get it so I'll have to look it up...

Rob also talked about efficiency vs effectiveness, or in other words, doings things right vs doing the right things.

Something else he talked about, which is probably the hardest for me, is time management and how it can help you determine your time-wasters and find more time in the day.  This is something we could all use, because who doesn't need more time?

He also recommended a few books, including "The Pragmatic Programmer", which I've read, "The Effective Executive", and another gtd-related book from someone at 37signals.

Despite having already heard a lot of this from various other places, all in all this was still a pretty interesting talk, especially with the comment/questions from the group and the heavy use of LoLcats in his slides.