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I'm Brent Collier.

After a year and a half as an engineer on Twitter's Trust & Safety team, I'm looking for my next gig. Contact me if you know of something interesting.


Firefox 3 Beta 4

Posted on 03/13/2008

If you're using a beta release of Firefox 3, the 4th beta version was just recently released.  I've been using the beta 3 version for a couple of weeks now and I've been fairly happy with it, aside from a few little bugs here and there.  I just noticed that the beta 4 version had been released, so I downloaded and installed it a couple of days ago.  There were two immediately noticeable differences...

First, beta 4 is blazing fast compared to beta 3.  I use iGoogle as my homepage and it loads sooo much quicker with beta 4.

Second, they added this jumbo back button, which you can see here...


This is no bueno in my book.  It causes the entire address bar to expand, wasting valueable space.  Fortunately, I looked in the customize toolbar menu, and there's a checkbox for using small icons...


Once checked, the jumbo back button reverts to a more acceptable size, like so...


So, if you haven't already, go here and download the latest beta release...