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I'm Brent Collier.

After a year and a half as an engineer on Twitter's Trust & Safety team, I'm looking for my next gig. Contact me if you know of something interesting.


a little search engine optimization never hurt anyone

Posted on 04/07/2009

After continually receiving lame page-rankings on my previous blog attempt, I thought this time that I might spend a little more time to get a bit of my content into Google search results.  I've never really messed with SEO before, so this is a bit of a first for me.

Off the bat, I only really knew (thought I knew) of two ways to help increase page rank:

  1. meta keywords
  2. meta descriptions

Turns out I was wrong.  These days, the keywords don't really help all that much, and the description -- that's just used to display a little snippet of your content in the search results.  Despite their near-uselessness, I still implemented them anyway.  ;)

What my Googling did recommend was this:

  1. descriptive page titles
  2. canonical url tags
  3. submitting a site map

So I updated the post view to display the post title in the page title -- nothing too ground-breaking there.  I'm still up in the air about the canonical url tags since I know there's only one possible url to reach any of the content on this site, although I still may implement that later.

For the site map, I took a look at Google's Webmaster Tools which informed me that I could submit an RSS link ass my site map.  This led me to implement an RSS feed, which I hadn't yet done.  Within an hour of submitting the link, Google had index the whopping two posts that I had created.  Now I just need to migrate the content from my previous blog.

So hopefully all of that will be enough to get me a few more page views from people that aren't my friends or coworkers.